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Ah, eyes. The windows of the soul. Do a google on quotes about eyes (I just did) and it will bring up about eleven billion dreamy quotes by pensive poets about wonderful, beautiful, soul-searching eyes.
As humans, the first thing we do on meeting someone is to make eye contact. Leave that bit out and you’ll forever be remembered as ‘that weirdo who won’t look me in the eye.’
No doubt, eyes are important, right? And of course, here you are, looking for eye treatments in South East England.
The pictures of ancient Egyptians wearing dramatic eye makeup are probably among the most easily recognised images in the world. Make up certainly isn’t a modern fad! Eye treatments of the time included lining them with kohl and malachite powder. Carbon and black oxide were used to darken and accentuate the brows, elongating and shaping them into arches. All very nice until a cat in the house died, and you’d have to shave those eyebrows right off as a mark of mourning. Thanks for nothing, Mog.
Moving forward to Ancient Greece and Rome and, astonishingly, a unibrow was the IN thing! Seen as a sign of purity and later also intelligence, women might darken their monobrow slightly with incense or powder, and – here’s the kicker – if they didn’t have the fashionable mono, they would paint one on.
Aren’t you glad you’re looking for your eye treatments in modern South East England?
On to the Middle Ages, and domed foreheads were the look (yes, really). In order not to detract from their shiny brain covers, eyebrows would be heavily plucked or removed altogether, along with eyelashes. (Ouch.) A little later into the Tudor Era and women were dyeing their brows and hair a reddish colour to copy Queen Liz the First. (Did she ever visit South East England, we wonder?)
During Victorian times, the fashion swung back again towards looking pure and natural. Make up was considered something that only bad girls used and brows got left alone to grow like a neglected lawn in midsummer. Eye treatments were unheard of. Understandably, girls got a bit fed up of this. So following the enormous social upheavals caused by the First World War, in the nineteen twenties those brows were again being plucked to within an inch (or more accurately, a centimetre) of their lives to needle thin lines.
Through the twentieth century, all the way up to today, one thing becomes clear – we can’t leave our eyes alone. Eye treatments, eyebrow fashions, and make up – they’re all here to stay. And if you’re in South East England and want an eyebrow or eyelash tint or shape, the Pamper Parlour is an ideal choice. Sharon has over 30 years’ experience in the beauty industry and holds both CIBTAC and CIDESCO diplomas. She prides herself on working to high standards of hygiene and is a consummate professional who is genuinely passionate about helping women feel beautiful.
For your eye treatments in South East England, we hope you will choose Pamper Parlour.

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