Matis Paris products and skincare, Coulsdon, Surrey

If you’re living in Coulsdon, Surrey and looking for the very best in beauty products and treatments, then here at Pamper Parlour, we have all of your needs covered. We’re happy when you’re happy, so from the moment you walk through our door, we will deliver you exceptional customer service as we work with you to ensure that your every beauty need is met.

At Pamper Parlour, we use Matis Paris Skincare Products for body treatments and facials, and we can sell them to you too. Not only are their products some of the best on the market today, but they are cruelty-free as well, and they are suitable for vegans. As you will know yourself, the same can’t be said of every beauty product on the market, as there are those that are not kind to the environment or to animals. We are against these products, and it is our policy to only use and endorse those beauty products that meet a certain set of standards. This is why we are happy to promote and use Matis Paris skincare products at our business here in Coulsdon Surrey. Not only is this the right thing for us to do, but we want to protect our reputation too, as we know that our customers are as keen to support the environment as we are.

Matis Paris is a well-known beauty company, and they have been creating beauty products for over 85 years. They create products that are suitable for all skin types and rule against the use of those chemicals that could inadvertently cause harm. At Pamper Parlour, we use and sell a wide range of their products, and will happily recommend those products that we believe are right for you. So, not only can you benefit from some of them while undergoing your beauty treatments within our salon, but you can also beautify yourself at home with the various skincare creams, body scrubs, and oils that they offer.

We can offer you a choice of three different Matis Paris body scrubs when you’re coming to us for a total body exfoliation treatment. These body pampering treatments are perfect for those of you looking for the luxury of extra-smooth skin. The products we use promote new skin growth too, and that’s perfect for those of you looking to repair, soften, and tone particular parts of your body.

We sell all kinds of Matis Paris skincare products, as you can see when visiting the ‘shop’ section of our website. These include eye creams that can reduce the puffiness and wrinkles around your eyes, face creams that can leave your face looking soft, supple and hydrated, and a range of other products that are perfect for combatting the effects of ageing.

So, if you would like to know more about the Matis Paris skincare products that we use and sell, get in touch with us today. Book an appointment with us and take advantage of all that we can offer you. And talk to us about your specific beauty needs, because it’s our goal to enhance your beauty and give you that full-body confidence that will make your day in Coulsdon, Surrey.

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