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  • Perfect-Eraser

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    Designed for use on targeted blemishes, this eraser is the ultimate beauty SOS solution. 20ml PRODUCT DETAILS Its absorbent micro-powders and salicylic acid-based formula is a powerful keratolytic purifying agent, helps exfoliate and relieve clogged pores. Its putty-like texture makes it easy to apply a thick layer of product to each imperfection. Application advice : Avoid…

  • Perfect-Peel Mask

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    An effective mask which tackles blemishes on two fronts. Creamy texture 50ml At the core of the formula is Kaolin, a mineral-rich clay. Its absorbent properties are perfect for drawing out impurities. Its low particle density, along with the exfoliating qualities of Pomegranate enzyme, gently eliminates dead skin cells and helps regenerate the skin. Finally,…