Matis Body Treatments

Body Concept - The Escales

Three brand new luxury body treatments from Matis Paris including body exfoliation and massage.

Escale Aurore Néroli 

Tones up, Energises, Illuminates, Boosts

As fresh and lively as the morning dew, its citrus fragrance with a tender orange heart blends with notes of green tea & jasmine to energize the mind and tone the body.

A sunny morning stroll, strikingly fresh with energizing green notes.

The invigorating sensation of the fragrances and textures refreshes the body and mind. The body is toned, re-energized and feels detoxified. The skin is smooth, radiant and firm.

A treatment for all skin types, it is ideal for congested, overheated skin with circulatory problems such as heavy legs or orange peel skin. This treatment allows all skin types to regain an overall toning effect.


Escale Musc Crépuscule

Soothes, Calms, Comforts, Refocuses

It is an ode to the softness and soothing of the body and mind. Like a feeling of cashmere on nude skin, this treatment envelops, comforts and soothes. It is a moment for oneself, an intimate bubble, creating a moment of bliss.

Its powdery, deep and creamy fragrance brings calm, well-being and relaxation.

Combined with an expert, slow and deep massage, this treatment liberates, refocuses and soothes energies. It restores the natural beauty of the skin and brings a deep well-being.

Ideal for sensitive, dry, intolerant skin wishing to regain perfection and softness as well as skin that is prone to redness.

Escale Ambre Soir

Shapes, Sculpts, Sublimes

Rich, intense, its precious fragrance envelops you in softness, like a silk dress, draped and ultra-feminine, this treatment shapes, refines, and sublimates.

A new-generation, ultra-remodeling expert massage is performed. This massage shapes and works the curves, reveals the forms and structures the waist.

The body is sublimated, and the transformed skin feels firmer. Its radiance is revealed by the iridescent side of the milky oil.

It is a cross-cutting treatment that is suitable for all skin types. It is ideal for enhancing, firming and reshaping the curves by working on the deep muscles. This treatment is recommended as a three-session treatment for optimal results.
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