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Everyone has their preferences and their annoyances when it comes to hair on the face and body. Some prefer to go au naturel as much as possible, while others want to get it all under control. There are different methods of hair removal too, from at-home methods to professional hair removal. If you’re looking for hair removal in Coulsdon, Pamper Parlour offers waxing and electrolysis for your face and body to help you maintain your hair removal routine in whichever way you prefer. Learn more about the services that we offer and how we can give you choice when it comes to your beauty care.


Our waxing services offer you a range of choices so that you can remove your body hair and facial hair wherever and whenever you want. Whether you want to wax just your calves or your full legs, get a bikini wax or a full Hollywood, or remove those pesky hairs from your top lip or chin, we have the service for you. In addition to our long list of women’s waxing services, we also offer gentlemen’s waxing, which includes back, stomach and chest waxing, as well as nostril and ear hairs, and tidying up eyebrows.

Waxing is an effective way of removing hair from the face and body. Although it can feel slightly uncomfortable, it removes hair for longer than shaving or epilating. The result of your first wax can last up to six weeks, and regular waxing can help you to maintain your desired look. We don’t recommend that you have hair removal in Coulsdon after any heat treatments, such as using a sauna or sunbed.


Our electrolysis services offer you another way to remove hair, particularly for smaller areas of hair removal. It is a safe and effective method of hair removal, which uses a device that is inserted into the skin to stop hair from growing using shortwave radio frequencies. You can get immediate results right away, but follow-up appointments with one of our experienced team members will ensure you get even better, long-term results. We use Sterex sterile, pre-packaged and disposable needles for electrolysis. This guarantees hygiene during your treatment.

Electrolysis treatment is based on how long you have the treatment for – as little as 10 minutes or as long as 30 minutes. The longer your electrolysis session, the better the value of the treatment is. Like waxing, electrolysis can be used anywhere on the body. It’s an excellent choice if you are looking for more permanent hair removal results, although the process of removing hair through electrolysis is slower.

Find Your Perfect Hair Removal Treatment

If you’re unsure if waxing or electrolysis is the right hair removal treatment for your needs, you can speak to us to discuss what you’re looking for. Get in touch by phone or email, or contact us to book an appointment if you already know what you want. We also have a range of other treatments, from facials to skin transformations.

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