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When you deserve some pampering, your hands and feet are some of the first parts of your body you should take care of. They’re the hardest working parts of your body, helping you to get around and to do all kinds of things throughout the day. Sometimes you need to give them a break and ensure they’re healthy. A manicure or pedicure ensures your nails and sometimes the skin of your hands and feet are in good condition, and look and feel great. We offer hand and foot care in Coulsdon to help you enjoy the perfect manicure or pedicure.


A regular manicure keeps your nails looking beautiful. You can choose to maintain them to simply keep them healthy, or you might want a fancy nail treatment to give you stunning nails. Our range of manicure treatments range from classic manicures and nail maintenance to full sets of fibre glass nails. Having your nails done is a relaxing experience, and you can spend up to two hours enjoying it.


Your feet need care too, and a pedicure can be just as relaxing as a manicure. Our classic pedicure treatment will ensure that your feet and toes look and feel wonderful at all times. We also have callus peel treatments to help you deal with those hard areas of skin, which form from being on your feet and wearing shoes all the time. Get your feet soft and supple again with our treatments.

IBX Nail Treatment

This professional nail treatment includes two parts: IBX Repair and IBX Strength. These treatments can be used on your natural nails, as well as under gel polish. The penetrating system strengthens your nails, smoothing and protecting them to keep them in their healthiest condition. Just one treatment is enough to see the different. IBX Repair is ideal for severe nail damage, toughening the upper layers to encourage nail growth.

JESSICA Hand and Foot Care

Our choice of treatments using the JESSICA system offer you quality hand and foot care in Coulsdon. The treatments that we have available include a manicure, file and revarnish, and luxury manicure. You can also choose the Le Remedi treatment, which cares for dry and ageing hands and forearms for softer and smoother skin.

Zen Spa

Zen Spa, the revolutionary feet and leg treatment, is also available with several of our treatments. Choose a deluxe pedicure using Zen Spa to get rid of rough and dry skin and promote healthier skin by regenerating new cells. Or select a standard Zen Spa pedicure for just your feet.

Gelerations Gel

Gelerations Gel formula offers a beautiful, natural finish for your nails. Have your nails filed, shaped and polished with the Gelerations polish or choose a manicure or pedicure. The gel overlay manicure includes a hand exfoliation, massage and cuticle care, while the pedicure includes nail care, a foot scrub and massage, and cuticle care.

Get in touch to book an appointment for hand and foot care in Coulsdon if you are ready to pamper yourself.

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