Hand & Foot Care Surrey

When it comes to hand & foot care, Coulsdon Surrey customers know it is important to have regular treatments to maintain their hands and feet in excellent condition. Pamper Parlour understand the importance of providing hand & foot care Coulsdon Surrey customers can rely on. Based in Coulsdon, Surrey, they offer a variety of manicures and pedicures.
What is a manicure? A manicure is a beauty treatment for the hands. It keeps the nails and skin of your hands in healthy condition. It provides a deep clean for your nails and encourages new skin cell growth which is essential to maintain nails that are strong and healthy. Pamper Parlour offer the following manicures:
• Le Remedi Hand Treatment. A luxurious treatment designed for dry, aging hands & forearms that results in softer and smoother skin.
• Jessica Manicure. Includes the removal of any existing varnish, application of cuticle oil, massage, and application of your chosen polish.
• Luxury Jessica Manicure. A 90 minute relaxation treatment that includes all aspects of the Jessica Manicure plus the amazing Le Remedi hand treatment.
What is a pedicure? A pedicure is essentially a manicure but for the feet. It provides a number of benefits including circulation boost. Poor circulation can cause cold and numbness in your feet, but a pedicure can increase the flow of blood to your feet and reduce swelling and pain. Pamper Parlour offer the following pedicures:
• Deluxe Zen Spa Pedicure. A foot and leg treatment which breaks down rough and dry skin and regenerates new cells for healthy skin. Includes foot and leg scrub, foot soak, foot and leg mask, massage and polish.
• Zen Spa Pedicure. All the luxury of the Deluxe Zen Spa pedicure but only on the feet.
Other hand & foot care treatments available are:
• IBX Nail Treatment.
• Geleration Soak-off Polish.
• Geleration File and Polish.
• Geleration Gel Overlay Manicure.
• Gereration Gel Overlay Pedicure.
When it comes to good quality hand & foot care, Surrey customers know that as well as the practical benefits, it is also an opportunity to relax and reduce stress. The benefits of having a few minutes to relax and enjoy being pampered last much longer than the time it takes to have the treatment.
For hand & foot care Coulsdon Surrey customers can rely on, contact Pamper Parlour today! The experienced and friendly staff are ready to take your call and get you booked in at a time that suits you. They can answer any questions you have regarding hand & foot care as well as any enquiries regarding the huge range of other treatments that they offer. For example LVL lashes treatments, hair removal and full body treatments. For any of these full body treatments as well as hand & foot care, Coulsdon, Surrey customers can trust the highly professional team at Pamper Parlour. With a reputation for exceptional customer service, they have already built up a large customer base that return time and time again for the hand & foot care treatments that they offer.

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