LVL Lashes Treatments Surrey

As he looked at her across the restaurant table, for what felt like the hundredth time tonight he was amazed yet again at how beautiful she looked this evening. Her big bright eyes were framed perfectly by her long, defined eye lashes.
She was so glad she had decided to go for the LVL lashes treatments earlier that week. It was not just the fact that her date could not keep his eyes off her eyes. It was the added confidence that she felt. She had not had to experience the usual feelings of frustration as she applied her makeup and the mascara clumped and stuck her eyelashes together. Tonight, there was no need for mascara, just her natural lashes that were enhanced with the help of the LVL lashes treatments which had given the appearance of extra length and volume.
This is a fictional date, but many people have had the same type of experience as a result of the LVL lashes treatments. Surrey customers can book LVL lashes treatments with Pamper Parlour. Based in Coulsdon, Surrey, Pamper Parlour has been providing a range of professional beauty treatments for 29 years. Their experienced team of beauty experts are ready and waiting to provide you with beauty treatments, including LVL lashes treatments Coulsdon Surrey customers can trust.
The LVL lashes treatments Coulsdon Surrey based Pamper Parlour provide are designed to help you make the most out of the natural lashes that you have. It will create the appearance of longer lashes with more volume that can have the effect of making your eyes appear bigger, brighter, and more open. It can also save you time in the morning because the LVL lashes treatments include a tinting stage. This treatment creates the same effect as mascara without the need for applying it. Hence, a few minutes saved each morning when applying your makeup. LVL lashes treatments offer some tender loving care to your natural lashes.
You might ask how long is the effect of the LVL lashes treatments? Coulsdon Surrey customer will be pleased to know that the LVL lashes treatments last for up to 8 weeks. And there is not a long drawn out maintenance procedure that you have to follow. Just the quick and easier use of a conditioning agent to keep your lashes looking bold and beautiful. When they last this long, you can be confident that you are getting good value for your money.
If you want to experience the joy of naturally beautiful lashes, contact Pamper Parlour to book in for your LVL lashes treatments today. As well as LVL lashes treatments, Surrey customers can also book in for waxing, electrolysis, eye treatments, fibre glass nails, hand care, foot care, body treatments, Matis body treatment and Matis facials. You can view the price list on the website. The friendly and experienced staff members are ready to answer questions regarding LVL lashes treatments Surrey customers may have, as well as enquiries about any of the other treatments they offer.

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