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Are you looking for facials and other treatments in the Coulsdon area? Are you tired of paying top dollar for treatments that produce bargain basement results? Are you sick of being met time after time with bad service that makes you feel more like an inconvenience than a valued customer? Or of treatments that never live up to the bold claims made by beauty technicians? Have you had an awkward or uncomfortable experience which has put you off the idea of going for a treatment even though you can feel your skin crying out for one?

At Pamper Parlour we understand that a great beauty treatment starts with outstanding customer service, but is followed through with the right products and the skill and knowledge to use them effectively. That’s why we will never bring you anything but the best…

Why we use Matis Paris Skincare products

We deliver the best range of Matis facials in Coulsdon. We use Matis products because we believe that this brand best suits the needs of our customers and helps us to deliver the results that they deserve.

Matis Paris Professional Skin Care is one of the most widely recognised and prestigious skin care brands in the world with a reputation for astounding anti-aging results. We trust Matis products with our reputation as they have been creating outstanding products for over 80 years which set the standard for the beauty industry.

We known that a complete and personalised skincare regimen starts in the treatment room but continues with home care products, which is why we are proud to supply a wide selection of Matis products for your own home use.

In an increasingly eco-conscious age we understand how important it is to many of our customers that we use cruelty free, vegan brands. Fortunately, Matis does not test on animals nor does it use any ingredients of animal origins.

We have a treatment for everyone

Whatever your skincare needs, our superb Matis products and highly skilled beauty technicians have the right treatment for you.

Our Matis facials range from 60-80 minutes in length and are available for as little as £70.00 for an hour’s treatment. All of our Matis facial treatments are designed to give you a luxurious and relaxing treatment while breathing new life, vitality and youth into your skin.

Our Matis facials will help to restore your skin’s firmness and youthful glow while also helping you to feel every bit as gorgeous and confident as you deserve to be.

Let us pamper you

At Pamper Parlour we know that your experience is as important as your treatment which is why our highly skilled and experienced beauty technicians will do everything they can to ensure that you have a comfortable, relaxing and empowering experience while you are in our care. We know that many of our customers juggle the demands of high pressure occupations with family responsibilities and that they deserve a place where they can relax and be pampered as well as receiving the very best beauty treatments.

It’s time to trust your beauty in our skilled and caring hands.

Give us a call today 0208 673 2099 or visit our contact page to request a call-back.

We can’t wait to introduce you to the new, even more beautiful you!

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