Pamper Parlour, Coulsdon

When work is hectic and life is busy, it can be hard to find some time for yourself. It may seem like all you have to time for is caring for the necessities of life and nothing else. Although work can be something we really love doing, and what we call family obligations are really the things we do for the ones we love and are responsible for, finding time for yourself is very important. Why? Because, by taking care of yourself and having some ‘me’ time, you make it possible to continue doing what you love to do, for the people you love, a lot longer, and therefore increase your general productivity and satisfaction. In the same way that a good night’s sleep can feel like an indulgence when things are stressful, we need to find time to relax, unwind and pamper ourselves.
How can Coulsdon residents and visitors truly pamper themselves? Whenever you ask that question, you may receive a different answer. Some enjoy a weekend away at a B&B. Others may go for a long walk around the beautiful valleys and hills that Coulsdon has to offer. And a good number of us enjoy retail therapy. Still, others may just read a good book. Whatever the case, the environment we relax and pamper ourselves in has to be right.
Research has shown that when people work and stay in built up cities and towns, with the hustle and bustle of all the comings and goings, it can be difficult to stop and relax and our stress levels tend to increase. Having a truly relaxing area, or a Pamper Parlour to truly unwind in, can help us get the full benefit out of our relaxation and recreation.
One way to pamper yourself, that is usually universally agreed upon as relaxing and enjoyable, is to book yourself into a beauty salon. These salons are set up for your enjoyment and leisure. With that in mind they are decorated, furnished and arranged in such a way that helps you unwind.
What kind of treatments would you expect from a beauty salon? In order to really indulge yourself and leave feeling totally pampered, holistic treatments are the best. A good full body massage including the Indian Head massage for example. A facial, manicure and pedicure all add up give you the full care, from your head to your toes, that you need.
Situated in the county of Surrey, and set up on The Grove, is Pamper Parlour, Coulsdon. This salon is owned and run by Sharon, a beauty specialist, with over 30 years’ experience in making her customers feel treated and relaxed. This is a worthy endeavour and one that brings great rewards. Sharon has received excellent reviews and is therefore a good choice when you wish to pamper yourself. Enter her Pamper Parlour, Coulsdon and feel the cares of the day just melt away!
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