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It’s still treated like a taboo subject, even among close friends, even though it’s something that is more common than you may think. The issue at hand? Excess facial hair on a woman. A lot of women are perfectly fine with a nice fuzzy beard on a man, but a bit of fuzz on their own face is something that will make them feel very self-conscious.

It’s not something you should worry about as much as you do if you do have excess facial hair. For one, it’s probably not as noticeable as you think it is, and two, a lot of people won’t think it’s that big a deal anyway! But there’s no denying that excessive facial hair can cause feelings of low self-esteem in many women.

Excessive hair is often called hirsutism, though people often only use the term to describe very severe cases. It can be caused by the excessive production of androgens – male hormones – in your body. It tends to be hereditary, but sometimes it can occur with no apparent reason (which means it’s idiopathic).

So what can you do if you suffer from excess facial hair? Well, “stop worrying about it so much” is probably a good place to start, not matter how bad you perceive the problem to be! Don’t let your self-consciousness paralyze you into non-action. The fact is that waxing and electrolysis can help a lot when it comes to issues such as this.

Waxing is a great means of removing unwanted hair for a long time. While everyone is different in this regard, getting a good waxing can mean that the hairs won’t start to grow back for another two to three weeks.

Shaving, on the other hand, is not something you should be doing! While it’s a myth that hair will grow back at a faster rate if you shave it off (this doesn’t make any biological sense), it is true that the hair may grow back thicker and darker. This is because the blade cuts the hair at an angle. You’ll end up with some pretty noticeable stubble in no time at all. It’s tempting because it seems like a quick fix, but shaving is not what you should do. People with excessive hair in Surrey should seek proper waxing solutions!

Thankfully, there are also electrolysis solutions in Coulsdon Surrey. If you want to ensure the problem is gone for good, then electrolysis is the only way to go. Seriously: electrolysis is the only form of permanent hair removal there is. In electrolysis, heat or chemical energy is used to eradicate the hair’s growth centre. A very fine probe is then inserted into the hair follicle, which is then extracted.

The number of electrolysis treatments needed will vary from person to person. It’s essential that you find experts in the field of electrolysis. Thankfully, there are experts in Coulsdon Surrey that can assist you with your electrolysis requirements. If you just want to use waxing in the meantime, they can help with that, too!

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