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  • Matis Ultimate Gift Set

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    The Ultimate Gift Set including 3 iconic Matis products. With this set you get 2 full size products absolutely FREE.                        Set value is £307.06 • Olea-Skin (50ml) A deliciously smooth cream that offers an unparalleled enveloping sensoriality and provides infinite comfort all day, every day….

  • Aqua Boost Set

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    Discover the perfect duo for ultimate hydration! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀  HYDRA-FRESH SERUM: Freshness effect serum 30ml Its light and watery texture, combined with the benefits of Aloe Vera and Watermelon, intensely moisturises the skin. From the first application, the feelings of tightness disappear to give way to a radiant and bouncy complexion. RECEIVE FREE AQUA-CREAM: Melting water…

  • Les Souvenirs Memories Set A La Champagne

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    This set contains Matis Paris Time-Balance, a cream with a voluptuous cocoon-like texture that offers a targeted action to effectively reduce the visible signs of hormonal imbalances caused by menopause. Gifted with this set comes a full size Densifiance-Serum , a firming booster that redefines the face contours and compensates skin damage caused by ageing.

  • Les Souvenirs Memories Set A La Montagne

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    This set contains Cell-Skin, this universal day and night cream, helps to preserve and protect the skin’s stem cells. Its lightweight yet soothing texture allows its active ingredients to quickly deliver their full benefits to the skin. Gifted with this set, enjoy a full size product of Recomfort-Eye. This Nourishing Eye Mask has a creamy…

  • Matis Paris Precious Moment Gift Set

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    Beautiful limited edition Caviar body set from Matis Paris Contains: Velvety Caviar Cream Body 200ml and Velvety Caviar Cream Hands 20ml VELVETY RICH CREAM HANDS AND BODY This divine, shimmering cream swathes the hands and body in true comfort. Its energy-boosting formula is combined with the benefits of caviar to refresh and brighten up tired…

  • Cashmere Sensation Box

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    Discover the ultimate winter care ritual with the Matis Cashmere Sensation Box Age-B Mood: Limited Edition: Recovery Balm for Face and Neck. This cream, featuring a sensual, ultra-enveloping texture, will leave your skin feeling infinitely soft and hydrated. Included for FREE Cashmere-Hand: Youth hand cream SPF10. This Lightweight, fast- absorbing cream nourishes and soothes the…

  • Purete Kit

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      The first product found in the Purete Set is Pure-Serum. This is a balancing serum for combination to oily skin that rebalances the skin flora. Moreover, it tightens the pores and regulates sebum production. MatiSystem technology works deep within the formula to regulate sebum production and reduce the appearance of pores, while a skin flora-regulating active…

  • Hydra-Set

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    HYDRAMOOD-NIGHT Tube 50 ml: The super moisturising night mask that acts in synergy with the night biorhythm to treat the skin in depth. Its ultra-resourcing texture bathes the skin in comfort without leaving a trace on the pillow. **HYALUSHOT-PERF 2 masks 18 ml FREE*** The bio cellulose mask that envelops the skin in a protective…

  • Matis Mervielle Wonder Delicate

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    Matis Paris Wonder Boxes for Christmas 2023 SENSIFLORA-CREAM – 50ml pot Harmonising skin care moisturiser for sensitive and uncomfortable skin helps to rebalance the bioflora and preserve the skin barrier. The skin is soothed, more resistant and regains comfort and relief. SENSIFLORA-PEEL – 50ml tube GIFTED FREE The grain-free scrub that respects the skin of…

  • Matis Merveille Wonder Preventive

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    Matis Paris Preventive Wonder Box Age B-Mood – 50ml pot A preventive and protective treatment for all skin types, to be used daily to keep your skin looking beautiful for as long as possible. Its comprehensive formula is twofold, combining preventive action against the signs of ageing, inspired by the science of sirtuins, with protection…

  • Matis Marveille Wonder Corrective

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    Matis Paris Wonder Boxes for Christmas 2023 HYALURONIC-PERF – Pot 50ml                                                                                         …

  • Matis Mervielle Wonder Densite

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    Matis Paris Densite Wonder Box The perfect skincare duo for mature skin in a beautiful packaging! The Densite Wonder contains: Densifiance– 50ml pot The treatment that helps the skin combat sagging. Its  melting texture is quickly absorbed, leaving skin velvety  soft. Free! Densifiance Serum– Airless 30ml The serum that reshapes the oval of the face and  compensates for…

  • Protective Duo

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    This kit contains : Authentik-Foam – 150ml Clarifying Self-Foaming Face Cleanser Authentik-Water – 200ml Anti-Pollution Micellar Water for Face and Eyes Authentik-Foam Its gentle plant-based formula combines precious purple orchid (anti-aging properties) and cranberry (antioxidant properties) to provide genuinely cleansing care. The purifying acid complex deeply cleans. This foam washes away make-up and impurities, leaving…

  • Preventive Travel Set Focus on millenials skins

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    This set contains : AUTHENTIK-WATER 30ml – Anti-pollution, micellar water HYDRA FRESH SERUM 5ml – Fresh thirst-quenching serum AQUA-CREAM 20ml – Melting water-based cream NUTRI-CC 10 ml – CC cream SPF 10, complexion-unifying face cream AUTHENTIK-WATER Through a powerful formula that unites biotechnology and plant-based properties. The PMO3 complex prevents airborne pollution (carbon particles, nanoparticles,…

  • Delicate Travel Set Suitable for sensitive skins

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    This set contains : SENSI-ESSENCE 30ml – Gentle face toner with linden for sensitive skin SENSIFLORA-CREAM 20ml – Bioflora rebalancing face care for sensitive skin SENSIFLORA-SERUM 5ml – Sensitive skin comforting face serum, anti-redness action NUTRI-CC 10 ml – CC cream SPF 10, complexion-unifying face cream SENSI-ESSENCE Its lightweight texture removes every last trace of…

  • Duo Sweet Body Gift Set

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    This non-greasy moisturiser enhances dry and thirsty skin types. Hydra-Motion body cream and FREE Caress-Scrub. Light, creamy texture 200ml PRODUCT DETAILS This non-greasy moisturiser enhances dry and thirsty skin types. Its light, creamy texture envelops the body in extreme comfort. The high-performing Hydrobooster active ingredient instantly moisturises the skin, while strengthening the cutaneous barrier. Illipe…