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  • Shower-Energy

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    PRODUCT DETAILS 2-in-1 energising shower gel, hair and body This 2-in-1 shower gel gently cleanses the hair and body in one simple gesture. Much more than a simple shower gel, Shower-Energy is a genuine energising and hydrating daily care. Thanks to its invigorating texture, it provides a pleasant feeling of freshness and well-being. Its fine…

  • Post-Shave

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    After-shave balm, soothing and repairing. This balm is the MATIS SOS emergency response, enriched with hydrating, soothing, healing and restructuring active ingredients. The skin is soothed, hydrated and repaired. PRODUCT DETAILS This after-shave balm provides the ultimate SOS emergency care for soothing and repairing the skin. Razor burn triggers changes in men’s skin, destroying the…

  • Reset-Eyes

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    This anti-fatigue treatment smooths out the eye contour, even after a short night. PRODUCT DETAILS The invigorating action of caffeine combined with that of a powerful peptide reduces dark circles and puffiness. Recommendation active ingredient in aesthetic medicine, hyaluronic acid helps to smooth out dehydration wrinkles. -50% Anti-dark circle effect* 86% Look rested** 95% Decongestant…

  • Fresh-Secure

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    This natural origin deodorant with a light and fluid texture provides freshness and highly effective antiperspirant protection all day long. PRODUCT DETAILS Its formula combines absorbent micro-powders of tapioca and a highly effective active ingredient to protect against unpleasant odors without blocking the natural perspiration process. The skin stays fresh and healthy throughout the day…

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    Global Anti-Ageing Active Cream

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    The anti-ageing complete care. This is a complete care which prevents the first signs of ageing. This light and fluid emulsion regenerates and fights the signs of ageing and at the same time helps to enhance the skin natural abilities. How to use: Apply morning and evening to perfectly cleansed face and neck. Main active…

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    Moisturising Shine Control Hydrating Emulsion

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    This light and non-oily fresh fluid helps moisturize the skin, while keeping it clean and shine-free. A fluid emulsion, is a fresh, light and non-greasy treatment, to moisturize the skin while ensuring its shine-control. The complexion is more unified; the skin is soft and velvety. The matte effect is provided by a micro absorbent powders…