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  • Matis Merveille Wonder Preventive

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    Matis Paris Preventive Wonder Box Age B-Mood – 50ml pot A preventive and protective treatment for all skin types, to be used daily to keep your skin looking beautiful for as long as possible. Its comprehensive formula is twofold, combining preventive action against the signs of ageing, inspired by the science of sirtuins, with protection…

  • Hydra-Fresh Serum

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    A thirst-quenching serum with a freshening effect, ideal for dehydrated skin. 30ml PRODUCT DETAILS With its fresh feel and lightweight, water-like texture, it’s as refreshing as a splash of cool water. Your skin is left feeling hydrated from the first use. Feelings of tightness are reduced. The complexion is radiant and plumped, and the skin…

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    Nutri-Mood Serum

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    This lipid-restoring serum is the perfect solution for dry to very dry skin types. Silky yet enveloping, its texture intensely nourishes the skin thanks to Shea and Illipe butter content. Active ingredient issued of white Lupin The active ingredient from white Lupine, rich in glutamine peptides, activates the synthesis of proteins and epidermal lipids and…

  • City-Mood +

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    This protective barrier has an ultra-lightweight texture, and helps protect cells from blue light and UV rays for stronger skin that is better protected against photo-aging. PRODUCT DETAILS Computer, smartphone and tablet screens can all have negative effects on the skin, causing oxidative stress within cells and accelerating the skin’s natural aging process. This protective…

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    This targeted, expert cream tackles the four key mechanisms that trigger the signs of aging: Glycation (where collagen and elastin gradually harden, leading to wrinkles) with a powerful peptide; Oxidation (speeds up aging) with an active antioxidant active ingredient; Dehydration with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid; Cell longevity with rice and vine stalks extract which…

  • Hydramood-Night

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    This super moisturising and smoothing mask acts in synergy with the circadian rhythm to hydrate in depth. Creamy texture 50ml PRODUCT DETAILS Its ultra-replenishing texture drenches skin in softness, leaving no residue on your pillow. Its formula combines the hydrating hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, with ChronoNight complex to boost skin cell renewal. From the…

  • Age B-Mood

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    This preventive and protective treatment should be used daily by millennials to maximise the benefits of their beauty capital. 50ml PRODUCT DETAILS This preventive and protective treatment should be used daily to maximise the benefits of the skin’s beauty capital. Its lightweight, melting texture is suitable for all skin types. It features a comprehensive, dual-action formula that…

  • Aqua-Cream

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    Daily treatment for the most dehydrated skin. The combination of highly effective Hyaluronic Acid and Watermelon leaves the skin looking smooth and soft. Sorbet texture 50ml PRODUCT DETAILS This cream acts as a protective barrier for the skin’s own moisture. Its unique and ultra-sensorial texture, like a sorbet, gives the skin a feeling of well-being. Application advice:…

  • Preventive Travel Set Focus on millenials skins

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    This set contains : AUTHENTIK-WATER 30ml – Anti-pollution, micellar water HYDRA FRESH SERUM 5ml – Fresh thirst-quenching serum AQUA-CREAM 20ml – Melting water-based cream NUTRI-CC 10 ml – CC cream SPF 10, complexion-unifying face cream AUTHENTIK-WATER Through a powerful formula that unites biotechnology and plant-based properties. The PMO3 complex prevents airborne pollution (carbon particles, nanoparticles,…