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  • Authentik-Water

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    This micellar water traps and eliminates all traces of make-up, impurities and pollutants in a single step. Aqueous texture 200ml PRODUCT DETAILS A powerful formula that unites biotechnology and plant-based properties. The PMO3 complex prevents airborne pollution (carbon particles, nanoparticles, ozone) from sticking to the skin. Antioxidant Damask rose floral water helps protect the skin against…

  • BeautyLab® Micellar Cleansing Water 200ml

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    Benefits • Cleanses and refreshes • Provides antimicrobial benefits for optimum skin defence • Soothes and calms the skin • Hydrates the skin Description Effortlessly eliminate impurities and makeup, even the waterproof kind, with this gentle yet effective, award-winning cleansing water. Mild on the skin, it is infused with L-Arginine that boosts moisture, encourages collagen…

  • BeautyLab® Glycowash 5% 200ml

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    Created for skin that is blemished, hyperpigmented, oily, acne-prone, dull, damaged or sun-damaged, with enlarged pores. Benefits • Resurfaces and cleanses, and combats blemishes, breakouts, dullness and pigmentation • Unclogs pores, removes excess oil and expels impurities • Smooths, refines, brightens and clarifies • Helps to reduce the visibility of irregularities, fine lines and wrinkles…

  • Authentik-Balm Remover

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    This balm has a rich, comfortable texture. Balm-to-oil 50ml   PRODUCT DETAILS It is a make-up remover that cares for the skin, combining camellia and macadamia oil which are known for their emollient properties. It gently removes makeup from the face and eyes. Its balm-like texture will turn into oil under your fingers and then into…

  • Sensi-Ceansing Cream

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    This creamy formula gently removes make-up and is suitable for sensitive and reactive skin. 200ml PRODUCT DETAILS Its rich, creamy texture envelops the skin. Its formula combines saffron flower to soothe and strengthen the cutaneous barrier, and illipé butter known for its nourishing properties. Removes make-up from sensitive skin for an instant comforting sensation. Application…

  • Protective Duo

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    This kit contains : Authentik-Foam – 150ml Clarifying Self-Foaming Face Cleanser Authentik-Water – 200ml Anti-Pollution Micellar Water for Face and Eyes Authentik-Foam Its gentle plant-based formula combines precious purple orchid (anti-aging properties) and cranberry (antioxidant properties) to provide genuinely cleansing care. The purifying acid complex deeply cleans. This foam washes away make-up and impurities, leaving…