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  • Glow Peel-Off

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    This dual-action care, mask and enzymatic peeling is suitable for skin lacking in radiance. PRODUCT DETAILS Its pearly gel texture coats the skin in a refreshing layer. Pomegranate enzyme is known to improve cellular renewal, and works to smooth and refine skin texture. Optimised Vitamin C, renowned to unify the complexion and boost radiance, provides…

  • Glow-Essence

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    A true breath of fresh air, this daily toner reveals the complexions’ natural glow. PRODUCT DETAILS At the heart of the formula, Activ’Glow complex enriched with essential minerals helps detoxify and strengthen skin cells. The toner also combines optimised vitamin C, renowned for its ability to even out skin tone and restore radiance, with a…

  • Glow-Detox

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    This detox cream suitable for tired skin reduces cutaneous signs of fatigue while reviving the complexion’s natural radiance. Its rich, melting texture releases the goodness of the active ingredients without delay. At the heart of the formula, the Activ’Glow Complex brings to the skin essential minerals needed to revitalise and brighten the complexion. This detoxifying…

  • Glow-Aging

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    This cream reduces the expression lines formed when the skin contracts during facial movements, while reviving the skin’s natural radiance. PRODUCT DETAILS Its rich and creamy texture provides a genuine sense of comfort, while its formula blends a dual hyaluronic acid combo (high molecular weight and fractionated) to plump up and moisturise the skin, with…

  • Mii Bright Skin Resurfacing Pads

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    Refresh your skin daily with our Bright Skin Resurfacing Pads. The biodegradable pads offer dual-action exfoliation boosted by the unique combination of the 4-acid formulation, consisting of AHA, PHA, BHA and TXA. Designed to effectively target skin which appears dull and rough, the pads gently remove dead skin cells without stripping your skin of its…