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  • Hydramood-Night

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    This super moisturising and smoothing mask acts in synergy with the circadian rhythm to hydrate in depth. Creamy texture 50ml PRODUCT DETAILS Its ultra-replenishing texture drenches skin in softness, leaving no residue on your pillow. Its formula combines the hydrating hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, with ChronoNight complex to boost skin cell renewal. From the…

  • Hydra-Set

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    HYDRAMOOD-NIGHT Tube 50 ml: The super moisturising night mask that acts in synergy with the night biorhythm to treat the skin in depth. Its ultra-resourcing texture bathes the skin in comfort without leaving a trace on the pillow. **HYALUSHOT-PERF 2 masks 18 ml FREE*** The bio cellulose mask that envelops the skin in a protective…