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  • Authentik-Milk

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      This voluptuous milk gently removes make-up. Creamy milk texture 200ml PRODUCT DETAILS Its velvety, fluid and comfortable texture removes all traces of make-up and impurities. Its formula contains anti-ageing purple orchid extract. Damask rose and grapeseed oil are combined for a nourishing and emollient effect. Skin is cleansed, soft and comfortable. Application advice : Apply…

  • Authentik-Essence

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    This beauty essence removes every last trace of make-up and primes all skin types to receive other products by MATIS. Aqueous Texture 200ml PRODUCT DETAILS Its targeted formula ensures everyday micro-exfoliation thanks to MATIS’ priming complex (containing lactic acid). Astringent Damask rose floral water and the Natural Moisturising Factors (NMFs) quench the epidermis. Skin is…

  • Cell Expert Serum

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    Cell-Expert, the signature serum from Matis, protects the skin’s capital of stem cells that are responsible for its self-regeneration. PRODUCT DETAILS Cell-Expert, the signature serum from Matis, protects the skin’s capital of stem cells that are responsible for its self-regeneration. The fine, light texture quickly delivers all the benefits of the active ingredients. At the…

  • Authentik-Water

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    This micellar water traps and eliminates all traces of make-up, impurities and pollutants in a single step. Aqueous texture 200ml PRODUCT DETAILS A powerful formula that unites biotechnology and plant-based properties. The PMO3 complex prevents airborne pollution (carbon particles, nanoparticles, ozone) from sticking to the skin. Antioxidant Damask rose floral water helps protect the skin against…

  • Authentik-Foam

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    This foaming cleanser transforms into a light, delicate and fine foam upon contact with water. Foam texture 150ml PRODUCT DETAILS Its gentle plant-based formula combines precious purple orchid (anti-ageing properties) and cranberry (antioxidant properties) to provide genuinely cleansing care. The purifying acid complex deeply cleans. This foam washes away make-up and impurities, leaving skin perfectly…

  • Authentik-Oil

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      This ultra sensory oil with a fine and lightweight texture softly removes face and eye makeup including long lasting formulas and leaves the skin silky and perfectly clean. Main Active Ingredients: Mythic Oils and Rosemary Extract. How to use: Apply then add a small amount of water to work into a lather and massage…

  • Glow Peel-Off

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    This dual-action care, mask and enzymatic peeling is suitable for skin lacking in radiance. PRODUCT DETAILS Its pearly gel texture coats the skin in a refreshing layer. Pomegranate enzyme is known to improve cellular renewal, and works to smooth and refine skin texture. Optimised Vitamin C, renowned to unify the complexion and boost radiance, provides…

  • Sensi-Milk

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    This make-up remover gently washes away make-up while respecting the skin, and is ideal for sensitive and delicate skin. PRODUCT DETAILS Its texture combines the sweetness of a milk with the freshness of a lotion. At the heart of the formula, the orange blossom essential wax with emollient and softening properties, and saffron flower to…

  • Perfect-Light Essence

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    This cleansing and perfecting toner helps optimise cell renewal to perfect the skin’s complexion daily. Perfect for blemish-prone skin, its formula combines the power of active ingredients to enhance the appearance and quality of the skin (pores and sebum) as well as brightness skin tone thanks to a light enzymatic exfoliation. The skin is clear…

  • The Milk

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    Perfecting make-up remover with Caviar and Damask rose. PRODUCT DETAILS The Milk draws on the richness of the ocean, packed with minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids, to offer a composition with remarkable cosmetic benefits. In this formula, the power of French caviar, known for being naturally rich in omega-3 and minerals, is blended…

  • Glow-Essence

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    A true breath of fresh air, this daily toner reveals the complexions’ natural glow. PRODUCT DETAILS At the heart of the formula, Activ’Glow complex enriched with essential minerals helps detoxify and strengthen skin cells. The toner also combines optimised vitamin C, renowned for its ability to even out skin tone and restore radiance, with a…

  • Sensi-Essence

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    This gentle alcohol-free toner removes make-up while refreshing sensitive skin. PRODUCT DETAILS Its lightweight texture removes every last trace of makeup. Its formula contains soothing linden floral water and saffron flower to strengthen the cutaneous barrier and relieve feelings of discomfort. The skin is refreshed and soothed with all traces of make-up removed. Application advice :…

  • Perfect-Clean

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    An acid complex works deep within the formula to gently exfoliate, sloughing away dead skin cells and refining skin texture. Sebum-regulating MatiSystem technology provides a clean and clear finish. Skin is refreshed and perfectly cleansed, with no dryness. Impurities and dead skin cells are washed away. Application advice : Use morning and/or evening. Lather into a…

  • The Night

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    This fortifying cream is a true catalyst of night-time regeneration. This cream gives your skin the resources it needs to turn back the clock. PRODUCT DETAILS THE NIGHT, absolute regenerating cream with CAVIAR, offers a unique, global anti-ageing solution and an unparalleled sensory experience. In this formula, the power of French caviar, rich in Omega-3…

  • Hyaluperf-Serum

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    This wrinkle-correcting serum combines the high effectiveness of renowned cosmetic medicine active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and a relaxing cutaneous active ingredient. PRODUCT DETAILS With its lightweight, meltingly soft texture, HYALUPERF-SERUM’s effectiveness stems from its dual hyaluronic acid blend for intense plumping and anti-wrinkle action. Its formula also contains glycolic acid to improve skin…

  • Hyaluronic-Age

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    A non-invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery, this product effectively fights all wrinkles and lines: tension (frown lines) and expression (crow’s feet) lines. Its formula works both on the surface and deep within the skin to fill and smooth away wrinkles. HYALURONIC-AGE is a powerful combination of three types of hyaluronic acid, the ultimate cosmetic medicine…