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  • Hydra-Fresh Serum

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    A thirst-quenching serum with a freshening effect, ideal for dehydrated skin. 30ml PRODUCT DETAILS With its fresh feel and lightweight, water-like texture, it’s as refreshing as a splash of cool water. Your skin is left feeling hydrated from the first use. Feelings of tightness are reduced. The complexion is radiant and plumped, and the skin…

  • City-Mood +

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    This protective barrier has an ultra-lightweight texture, and helps protect cells from blue light and UV rays for stronger skin that is better protected against photo-aging. PRODUCT DETAILS Computer, smartphone and tablet screens can all have negative effects on the skin, causing oxidative stress within cells and accelerating the skin’s natural aging process. This protective…

  • Aqua-Cream

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    Daily treatment for the most dehydrated skin. The combination of highly effective Hyaluronic Acid and Watermelon leaves the skin looking smooth and soft. Sorbet texture 50ml PRODUCT DETAILS This cream acts as a protective barrier for the skin’s own moisture. Its unique and ultra-sensorial texture, like a sorbet, gives the skin a feeling of well-being. Application advice:…