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  • The Serum

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    THE SERUM, supreme elixir with CAVIAR, offers a unique, global anti-ageing solution and an unparalleled sensory experience. PRODUCT DETAILS This satiny smooth concentrate of exceptional oils offers the power of French caviar, rich in Omega-3 and minerals, blended with a potent active ingredient that firms skin and fights wrinkles. The skin is nourished, revived, supple,…

  • Hyaluperf-Serum

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    This wrinkle-correcting serum combines the high effectiveness of renowned cosmetic medicine active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and a relaxing cutaneous active ingredient. PRODUCT DETAILS With its lightweight, meltingly soft texture, HYALUPERF-SERUM’s effectiveness stems from its dual hyaluronic acid blend for intense plumping and anti-wrinkle action. Its formula also contains glycolic acid to improve skin…

  • Glow-Serum

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    This radiance revealing serum is formulated with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid with plumping and moisturising properties, combined with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to unify the complexion and to revive its radiance. PRODUCT DETAILS This serum also contains a brightening citroflavonoid-based active ingredient to boost the effects of Vitamin C and enhance radiance….

  • Olea-Science

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    This care is concentrated in benefits and specifically designed for devitalized skin. Its fine texture envelops the skin in instant comfort. PRODUCT DETAILS The formula offers a true anti-aging beauty experience. It combines an active ingredient sourced from a centennial tree (targeted action on youth-building proteins) with precious oils (protective and regenerating action). The power…

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    Nutri-Mood Serum

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    This lipid-restoring serum is the perfect solution for dry to very dry skin types. Silky yet enveloping, its texture intensely nourishes the skin thanks to Shea and Illipe butter content. Active ingredient issued of white Lupin The active ingredient from white Lupine, rich in glutamine peptides, activates the synthesis of proteins and epidermal lipids and…

  • Densifiance-Serum

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    This care redefines the face contours and compensates skin damage caused by ageing. 30ml PRODUCT DETAILS This care redefines the face contours and compensates skin damage caused by ageing. Its fine, light texture rapidly delivers all the benefits of the active ingredients. At the heart of the formula, plant-based DensiDerm technology offers enhanced action on…

  • BeautyLab® Hyaluronic Acid Intense Serum 15ml

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    Created for all skin types, especially dry, dehydrated and skin showing signs of ageing. Suitable for combining with other BeautyLab products. Benefits: • Intensively hydrates with instant and long term benefits • Boosts and recharges the skin’s optimal level of hyaluronic acid • Improves the skin’s smoothness, suppleness and plumpness • Helps to diminish the…

  • BeautyLab® Lemon Peel Lightening Concentrate 30ml

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    Created for skin with dark spots and uneven tone. Benefits: • Helps to correct the appearance of dark spots • Resurfaces skin texture and adds immediate radiance • Helps to improve the skin barrier and reduce damage from the sun and pollution • Enhances clarity and softness • Improves skin uniformity Target the appearance of…

  • BeautyLab® 4D Hyaluronic Acid + B5 Serum 30ml

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    Created for all skin, including sensitive skin. Suitable for home microneedling and/or combining with other BeautyLab® ranges. Benefits • Targets multiple skin layers and delivers deep, long-lasting hydration • Provides 24-hour moisturisation • Improves skin’s plumpness, smoothness, softness and suppleness • Supports the skin’s barrier function and helps to prevent moisture loss Description Rediscover your…

  • BeautyLab® Vitamin C Serum Concentrate 30ml

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    Created for uneven or dull skin. Benefits • Brightens and improves skin radiance • Helps to improve uneven skin tone, dullness and signs of ageing • Provides high antioxidant protection and helps prevent premature skin ageing • Helps to protect skin from environmental stressors and sun damage • Supports collagen to help improve skin firmness…

  • BeautyLab® Multi-Vitamin Oil 30ml

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    Created for very dry skin. Benefits • Nourishes, softens and helps to repair dry skin • Intensely hydrates and improves moisture retention • Boosts skin suppleness and plumpness • Soothes and comforts, and helps to restore skin balance • Provides high antioxidant protection to help prevent damage to skin cells Description Deeply nourish, soften and…

  • BeautyLab® Relax Neuropeptide Serum 50 ml

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    Created for skin that is aged, prematurely aged, dry, lacking resilience, with fine lines and wrinkles. Benefits • Helps to smooth laugh and frown lines • Reduces the depth of expression wrinkles • Supports collagen to help improve skin firmness and strength • Helps to rejuvenate the skin and enhance its suppleness • Promotes a…

  • BeautyLab® Correct & Illuminate Radiance Collection

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    This radiance enhancing collection is enriched with exfoliating fruit acids, skin brighteners, vitamins and antioxidants for a brighter, even toned and healthy looking complexion. Dual Action Fruit Acid Cleanser Mask 15ml An award-winning double duty cleanser and mask that removed impurities, exfoliates and refines pores for a fresh faced radiance. As a cleanser: use daily,…