Callus Peel

Cryotherapy is an ideal treatment for the following

. Softens hard calluses quickly

. Scrapes and files them away safely

. Leaves the feet clean, soft and rejuvenated


Don’t just dream about soft pretty feet let us Peel away your hard skin and calluses.


Calluses occur when pressure is applied to the feet, and over time the skin begins to harden and calluses form. Callus peel is a fast and efficient way of removing build ups of hard, cracked or dry skin from your feet. It is fantastic for neglected feet or if you suffer from pain because of a build up of hard skin. 


Callus Peel is promoted as the only ‘Blade Free’ professional callus removal treatment in England and has been widely acclaimed as the safest and most effective method currently available. 


This half hour four step system gives instant results but if the calluses are very extreme you may need a second treatment or even a course of three. 


The treatment can be done as a stand alone treatment or incorporated within a pedicure.


* Please note this treatment cannot be undertaken if feet are cracked and bleeding, or if you have any infectious ailments e.g. athletes foot.

Pregnant and diabetic clients are not able to have this treatment without express written permission from their GP.


Stand alone treatment £28

Additional area £15

Add on to a Pedicure £15

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