Les Signatures Cell-Essence Universal Essence, Youth impulse


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A pre-care essence. A formula that perfectly combines sensory and effectiveness.

This Universal Essence is the perfect daily partner for the skin. Its fine yet textured texture prepares the skin for daily care. At the heart of the formula, white rose plant stem cells and Protective Ring Sys work in synergy. Every day, combined with the usual daily care, the skin is more beautiful, revived. Cell-Essence is to be applied morning and evening to a perfectly cleansed face and neck before the usual serum and cream.

Advice for use

To pour in the hollow of the hand then to pose the hands on the face for an optimal impregnation. Do not rinse.

What is it?

White rose stem cell extract

Located in the basal layer of the epidermis, stem cells are responsible for the skin’s self-regeneration and daily renewal. By incorporating white rose stem cells into the formula, their inherent properties will help boost cellular respiration by slowing down the creation of free radicals, restoring the cell renewal process and reinforcing the environmental protection of epidermal stem cells. Skin is better protected, the complexion more radiant.

Protective Ring System,

To preserve their stem character and integrity, it is necessary to protect the stem cell environment. The Protective Ring System active ingredient, thanks to its protective properties, helps safeguard the phenotype of stem cells in the face of stress, preserving their ability to renew and their potential for self-regeneration. As a result, the skin benefits from a boost of freshness and an improved appearance.



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