Les Signatures Cell-Rejuvenate


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This intensive 28-day treatment – the time it takes for cells to renew – visibly helps transform skin thanks to its dual antioxidant and cellular respiration action. Its light texture instantly melts into the skin, offering optimal results. Its composition has a high concentration of active ingredients that help preserve the skin’s stem cells and re-oxygenate the skin for comprehensive anti-aging results. These four vials, one per week, will reveal younger-looking skin that radiates beauty.

Dermatologically tested.

Application Advice

Instead of your usual serum, in the morning and evening, fill one pipette and apply it all over the cleansed face, neck and décolleté area. Use every 3 to 6 months.

What is It?

White rose stem cell extract Located in the basal layer of the epidermis, epidermal stem cells are responsible for the skin’s self-regeneration and daily renewal. By incorporating white rose stem cells into the formula, their inherent properties will help boost cellular respiration by slowing the creation of free radicals, restoring the cell renewal process and reinforcing the environmental protection of epidermal stem cells. Skin is better protected, the complexion more radiant.

Oxyboost complex This complex, with oxygenating active ingredients, stimulates the circulation of oxygen at cellular level. This boosts skin metabolism, accelerating the natural regeneration process. This increased oxygenation offers unrivalled protection against environmental aggressors, strengthening the skin barrier and minimizing the effects of free radicals.

Horse chestnut This active ingredient, a compound extracted from horse chestnut seeds, is recognized for its toning effect on blood vessels. It promotes better blood circulation, helping to improve skin oxygenation for an even more radiant complexion.



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