Matis Paris Body Care Box


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The ultimate in body care from Matis Paris

This box contains the following:

Hydra-Motion Body Cream

This non-greasy moisturiser enhances dry and thirsty skin types. Its light, creamy texture envelops the body in extreme comfort. The high-performing Hydrobooster active ingredient instantly moisturises the skin, while strengthening the cutaneous barrier. Illipe butter has nourishing and protective properties. The skin is left moisturised and effectively protected from dehydration.

92% Skin is quenched immediately after applying*

92% Skin texture appears smoothed*

92% Skin is lastingly moisturised*

*% satisfied out of 24 women, 1 application minimum per day for 4 weeks.

Application advice : Apply daily to the entire body, massaging in with light strokes.

Made in France


A scrub with a fine, melting texture, in a sugared pink color that gently exfoliates all skin types, even the most sensitive. This treatment restores the natural beauty of the skin for a deep well-being.


This light scented mist offers a truly invigorating and refreshing feeling. Thanks to its formula that combines encapsulated glacier water with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Ginseng rounds out this formula with its well-known properties and its toning and revitalizing effects.

Application advice : Apply a few sprays to the face, body and hair whenever you wish. Do not spray into or near the eyes.

What it is?

Hydrobooster : This high efficiency active ingredient is a sugar complex composed of glucose and another sugar of plant origin, named Xylitol. It gives an immediate and sustainable hydrating action and it strengthens the skin barrier. The superficial layers of the epidermis are rehydrated and plumped, the skin surface and the desquamation are improved. This active ingredient allows to maintain an optimal hydration of the stratum corneum.

Illipe butter : This butter is extracted from a nut, which comes from a tree of south Asia and Boreno. Dried in the sun, the seeds are separated from its shell to obtain finally the butter. It contains vitamin E and fatty acids vital to the skin. This butter allows also to moisturise and restore the skin elasticity.



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